BLOW Productions is run by Richard Grenfell who has had many years of experience in the entertainment and event industries. BLOW Productions will bring that experience to your event or show in any of the following areas:

  • Lighting Design
  • Production & Set Design
  • Inflatable objects – generic and custom
  • Drafting and visualisations
  • Unusual services

Years of experience allow us to foresee problems before they arise thus saving money, time and potential embarrassment on site.

BLOW Productions does not over complicate your event, minimising problems found working in difficult or unusual venues, yet still provides elegant and sometimes unusual solutions.

We will also find the right design solution for a job or client – even if it means referring them to another supplier/ contractor.

“I am more interested in working long term with my clients than just taking the short term view of what I can make out of them,” says Grenfell. “This is probably why I have been working with most of my clients for many years.”